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Gnome girl keyring £3
Purple girl gnome keyring £3
Male gnome keyring £3

KH1 – Embroidered heart keyring

Embroidered heart keyring on cotton n fabric can be personalized with initials


Kangaroo keyring

Kangaroo embroidered on vinyl fabric, with a snap tag to attach to a keyring.


Rainbow keyring

Embroidered rainbow on a leather fabric.


Caravan keyring

Caravan embroidered onto leatherette fabric, with a snap tag to attach to a keyring.


Koala with heart

Embroidered koala holding a heart on leatherette fabric.


Reindeer keyring

Vinyl reindeer printed on a 2 inch diameter acrylic disk.


Bride and Groom ginger-bread people

Bride and Groom embroidered on felt. Different colours are avaliable to match your special day. Conact us for details.


Milkman ginger-bread man

Milkman embroidered on felt, with a loop to attach to a keyring.



Resin letter keyrings

Resin letter 1 + half inch tall with flowers, glitter and stickers or gold shapes


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